Phone Systems

Save 50-70% on your Monthly Phone Bill!

Above All Telecom features Grandstream VOIP phones that can drastically reduce the cost of your monthly phone bill. Instead of paying for internet and a hugely expensive phone bill, a VOIP phone system allows you to use your internet connection for your phones. No more paying extra for additional features like call waiting and call holding. No more paying for additional lines. Get all the features you want and more at a significantly lower price than your current phone bill.


grandstream-phone-300x295 Phone SystemsAll features are included
Unlike many other phone systems, our Grandstream systems include all features right out of the box. There are no additional licensing fees or add on fees, ever.

Included with every system:

  • Call recording
  • Smartphone (what’s this?)
  • Windows computer phone app
  • Voicemail to email
  • Bluetooth headset compatibility

grandstream-phone-2-300x220 Phone SystemsNever a busy signal
Your customers will never get a busy signal, guaranteed! Our VOIP phones offer an unlimited number of lines for your staff and customers. Never lose a customer to a busy signal again.

Work from Home
Because all your phones are connected to the internet, your staff don’t need to be in the office. They can receive and make phone calls from their home just like they were sitting in the office. Their internal extension will still work. Outgoing calls will show as your company’s main phone number in caller ID.

grandstream-video-phone-300x243 Phone Systems

Video Phones and Video Conferencing
Our VOIP phone systems easily integrate video capabilities to suite your needs.



Installation Cost
Most of our clients recoup their installation cost in the first year. After that the significant savings goes straight to you.



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